Jogja International Scout Camp 2018 which then called JISC 2018 is The first International Rovers and Senior Rovers Camp held in Yogyakarta, an Indonesian special autonomy province under the authority of the King of Mataram Kingdom. This is a camp activity for Rovers and Senior Rovers around the world. Totally participants more than 4500 Rovers and Senior Rovers with 600 Rovers from 25 Asia Pacific NSO. JISC 2018 is expected to bring new spirit of civilization based on the principle of science and liru kawruh through cultural approach in Yogyakarta.

In addition to the invaluable experience, the JISC 2018 committee provides several exciting facilities for the participants.


To support the implementation of JISC 2018 it is endeavored to provide the needs related to supporting facilities, among others, as follows:

  1. Camp Area Complex of Prambanan Temple participantJISC 2018
  2. Area of ​​Worship
  3. Exhibition Area
  4. Activity Area
  5. Main Course
  6. Main Stage
  7. Field Hospital
  8. Tent camp apparatus
  9. Parking area
  1. Health
  2. Electricity
  3. Communication
  4. Media Information
  5. Transportation
  6. Security
  7. Consumption
  8. Sanitation and Hygiene
  9. Bathroom and Toilet
  1. Activity Area
  2. Homestay
  3. Consumption
  4. Facilities and Infrastructure Activities and Logistics
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