The Mascot of JISC 2018

The mascot of Jogja International Scout Camp 2018 that are two important figures in Ramayana story. Rama and his wife shinta. As a jisc 2018 mascot, Rama and Shinta wear full scout clothes. King Rama brought an arrow bow while Shinta brought a scarf tied around her waist.

The meaning of the mascot :

  1. Two people wear batik kawung symbolizes the spirit of our activities that is sustainable
  2. Wearing scout uniform represents the rovers and senior rovers, boys and girls, participants of
    Jogja International Scout Camp 2018
  3. The direction of foresight symbolizes the vision future goals to be achieved Rovers and Senior
    Rovers as the next generation of the nation
  4. The name of Rama and Shinta symbolizes the puppet characters in the Ramayana story that
    inspires the camp site and shows the hospitality and the trait of knights
  5. Brahmastra is the heirloom weapon of King Rama in the form of a magic arrow used to
    defend the truth

The mascot Rama and Shinta is inspired from the story of Ramayana, an ancient epic poem which had been narrated down by people of Java.

The story of Ramayana tells about the struggle of love of King Rama to save his wife Shinta who was abducted by Rahwana. In the story of Hindu mythology, Ravana, or Prabhu Dasamuka is a figure opposed to Prabhu Rama. The story said that Ravana is the King of Alengka as well as the Devil Giant thousands of years ago. King Rama is assisted by hanoman and the other servants can finally bring Shinta home and defeat the Demon King Ravana and the whole Kingdom Alengka. The story of Ramayana certainly contains the value of love, culture, kinship, politics, and history. There is so much we can take as the message implied in this ancient story.

In Yogyakarta, especially in the location of the Prambanan Temple gives the presentation of this story in the form of Ramayana ballet in certain events. The city government of Yogyakarta hopes with the holding of ramayana ballet in Prambanan Temple can add science, and preserve Indonesian culture for society. Ramayana ballet staging will surely emerge as one of the cultural arts activities in Jogja International Scout Camp 2018. Ramayana Ballet will be presented as a form of sustainable culture and one of the inspiration of Jogja International Scout Camp 2018 mascot this time.

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