JISC’s Overview

About JISC 2020

JISC 2020 Overview

About JISC

Jogja International Scout Camp 2020 which then called JISC 2020 is the first International Rovers and Senior Rovers Camp held in Yogyakarta Special Region, precisely at the Rama Shinta camping ground as the main camp and five cultural and tourist villages located in four districts (Kulon Progo, Gunungkidul, Bantul, Sleman) and Yogyakarta City as the sub-camps.

This is an international scout camp for the invited 2832 Rovers/Rangers and Senior Rovers/Rangers together with 380 scout leaders from around 20 countries in the world.

JISC 2020 is expected to bring a new spirit of civilization based on the principle of luru ilmu (pursuing knowledge) and liru kawruh (exchanging knowledge) through cultural approach in Yogyakarta.

About JISC

JISC Participants

The JISC 2020 participants consist of:

  1. Yogyakarta Special Region Scout Council Contingent.

    The Yogyakarta Special Region Scout Contingent is to consist of 30 (thirty patrols of Rovers and/or Senior Rovers and 30 patrols of Rangers and Senior Rangers, with each patrol consisting of 8 (eight) scouts.These scouts are to be supervised by 12 leaders (male & female), 12 scout masters (male & female), and 12 assistants (male & female).

    Each regency council sends 6 (six) patrols of Rovers and/or Senior Rovers and 6 (six) patrols of Rangers/ Senior Rangers, in which each patrol consisting of 8 (eight) scouts.

  2. Provincial Scout Council Delegations in Indonesia

    Each Provincial Scout Council send 4 patrol rovers/senior rovers and rangers/senior rangers. These scouts are to be supervised by 2 leaders (male & female), 4 scout masters (male & female), and 4 assistants (male & female), in which each patrol consisting of 8 (eight) scouts.

  3. International Delegations

    Each National Scout Organization (NSO) sends one patrol of Rovers/ Senior Rovers and one patrol of Rangers/ Senior Rangers, in which each patrol consisting of a maximum of 6 (six) scouts.

    (NOSs in countries supervising scouts in cities or provinces twinning with Yogyakarta as sister cities/provinces are advised to give priority to those in the sister cities/provinces).

JISC Participants
JISC 2020 Logo

Meanings of The Logo

  1. The green mountain represents one of the Javanese cultural elements in Yogyakarta Special Region and is meant to show the cultural spirit of the program.
  2. The Prambanan Temple in dark green represents a tourism and cultural icon of Yogyakarta Special Region, which is also a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO.
  3. The blue lily petals combined with the red and white accent represent the international Scout brotherhood with the Indonesian Scout through JISC 2020.
  4. The white tent represents the JISC’s commitment to Tri Satya (The Three Promises of Indonesian Scout).
  5. The World Organization of the Scout Movement symbol and coconut shoot symbol of the Indonesian Scout Movement represent scouting activities.
  6. The lower-case text of JISC 2020 typeface design in the official logo represents the egalitarian, equality, and brotherhood values, while the numbers (2020) represent the year the event is held.
Meanings of The Logo
JISC 2020 Mascot

Rama and Shinta

  1. The two shadow puppet characters wearing Batik represents the spirit of cultural preservation.
  2. The scout uniforms represent the male and female Rover and Senior Rover Scouts as the JISC 2020 participants.
  3. The direction of their gaze represents the vision and goals of Rover and Senior Rover Scouts as the next generation.
  4. The names Kak Rama and Kak Shinta taken from the Ramayana story represent friendliness and virtues.
  5. The Brahmastra bow and arrow is Rama’s ultimate weapon to fight for justice.
Rama and Shinta
JISC 2020 Jingle

Song of JISC

The JISC Jingle has been created based on the theme. The main message of the jingle is that the international scout camp is to contribute to the establishment of world peace and harmony by observing sincere friendship, learning autonomy, respect differences, and scout spirit of being adventurous and virtuous. This can be seen in the song lyrics below.

Peace and Harmony are our destiny
Learning other's cultures is a necessity

True Friendship grows with our togetherness
Only with sincerity comes our happiness

Let's come to camp together (let's come together)
Let's learn from one another (learning together)

Build our future with our hands,
reach our destiny through scout camp

Scout camp for peace, being scouts we're born
Listen to diversity come join the adventure

With a clean heart a clean head for sure
From Jogja to Indonesia and beyond


Download JISC Jingle Notation here.

Song of JISC